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People used to view glass and its uses as being limited to doors and windows and no further – but glass has been integrated into almost every part of the home or business these days.  Custom glass has over the years found new roles in home décor and style – with majority of the companies using it finding it to be one of the best companions to spice up the interior.  Here are some of the great things that glass is doing around the world of interior design that many will find very appealing when done by experts of Glass Doctor Lakeland.


Protection –The durability of glass, it resistance to heat and water are just but some of the properties that make it a good protective layer for high end furniture in the home.  Whether coffee tables or other high end tables and dressers, glass is a perfect much to protect the surface from liquids and other potentially corrosive materials while retaining the same bright look.  

You want to make small space seem bigger? Glass is how you do it –The transparency of glass makes it an effective solution for people planning with relatively small interiors, because it take up its place but still seems to give back the same space. Glass is also an effective solution when seeking to improve lighting in dark areas – it allows the rays of light to penetrate through and light up even the places sitting under it.

New style, new designs and more variety – Setting your room in furniture is not a rule written in gold and stone – and more options are now coming up with glass making its debt in this industry. The classiness of glass is one that is destined to revolutionize how homes are set and designed – with a new emphasis on using better materials like glass, which also requires much less effort to clean. From customizing existing furniture to creating whole new pieces with glass, you can just do about anything with glass

Add style to your table tops – you have a double chance here, you may choose to have glass cut to fit on to your existing table top so that it forms a new layer on top – for protection and style, or alternatively have the top of your table purely made of glass.  For persons who need an outdoor table with a hole for an umbrella, this is a custom glass piece and can be made on request.

Mirrors are exemplary for bathrooms and some other places in the home where you need them. From bathrooms to the kitchen and the dressing room, you can have any size custom glass mirror fitted at the right point for the best image and affect. Glass Doctor Lakeland provides both standard mirrors ready for sale and the custom mirrors that can be designed per your needs, so come in and check with us, with have something for you!