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Glass Patio Doors and Door Glass Land O Lakes

Glass Doctor Land O Lakes has gained a reputation for its wide ranging expertise in repair and replacement of glass in doors, glass doors as well as patio doors and glass around the doors. – whether in residential or commercial buildings. And to ensure that customers and clients are being treated to their best – Glass Doctor Land O Lakes can accommodate any type, size or shape for your glass door or patio door.  

Add some light to your home by adding glass to your patio door. It will brighten your house and provide a great view of the back. Schedule an appointment today and let one of our professional glaziers come out and give you ideas on how to add glass to your current door and brighten things up.

Energy-Efficiency Double and triple pane sealed insulated glass units can dramatically reduce the heat transfer through the glass in your doors.  Argon gas can further enhance this effect.
  Low-Emissivity Glass reflects the suns UV rays and prevents heat from entering your home in the summer or escaping your home in the winter.
  U-Value or R-Value is used to determine the energy efficiency of your glass.  Glass Doctor® can advise you on the best glass for your needs.
Comfort You’ll save more than just energy when you increase the efficiency of your door glass, your home temperature will also be more stable – reducing hot spots in summer and cold areas in winter
  Noise will also be reduced, increasing the privacy and peace in your home
Style There are dozens of options for your door glass – patterned designs, tinted or patterned glass, grilles or blinds between the panes, and more
  Choose the options and glass features that make the most sense for your style and budget, and make sure your doors express your personality and priorities
Value New entry doors and upgraded door glass can impact the value of your home, as well as the curb appeal
  You’ll save money on energy costs on top of the savings you’ll realize by choosing to upgrade your glass instead of replacing the whole door
Safety Laminated glass can further increase safety.  This type of glass has a layer of flexible poly between two sheets of glass, just like your car’s windshield. This keeps the glass from shattering and from exposing your home to the elements in case of breakage.